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Big Time Brewing | Craft Beer Exports Up 140%

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The Brewers Association (BA), the non-profit trade group that represents small and independent craft brewers, announced March 12 that 2012 craft beer exports increased by 72% over 2011. Hallelujah!

These are good times for craft breweries. Canada, our kindly neighbor to the north, is the biggest export market, and shipments there grew 140% last year. Perhaps we should set up a pipeline for beer? Big time brewing | craft beer exports up 140%.

Other areas of growth included Brazil (150%) and Asia Pacific (162%). BA referred to Thailand, Japan, Australia and China as emerging markets for American craft breweries. I guess they dig craft brew as much as I do. Must be the bold colors and tastes that were lacking with some of those other beers that get exported from the US.

The overall increases mean big money for craft brewers who are exporting: $49.1 million dollars big. That’s up from $23.4 million of 2011. Those numbers may be pretty enticing to a craft brewer who’s been considering going global.

The best part about all of this is that once again, the craft beer industry proves that it is an economic generator. When we think about manufacturing jobs in the US, we can be proud of what our craft brewery family is doing for us: providing jobs and beer that’s respected worldwide. Sliánte.

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