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We Got Game. | Pairing Craft Beers with Sport

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There are lots and lots and lots of sporting events in January. We’ve got college this, professional that, bowl games galore, some playoffs are going to start, and there will be outdoor hockey (the way it’s supposed to be, thank you very much). So, with all of these extra extra-curriculars on your sched, what are you going to drink? Beer, of course. But maybe there should be some serious consideration of what will go best with each event, or at least what will make it just a little more special. We got game. | pairing craft beers with sport.

College Bowl games: have been going on for (what seems like) months now. And they go on for a little while longer. These games can take a much longer time than deemed necessary, so take it easy on the ABV’s. A session beer perhaps? You can still have all the flavor with a bit less alcohol, which means you’re in for the long haul. Bring on the marching bands and mascot wars!

NFL playoff games: Sure, you showed up every week in your lucky jersey and wore your shoes on the wrong feet to ensure your team would get this far, but you’ve probably been drinking the same beer every week too. If you’re not too superstitious, try drinking an American Pale Ale. Football is as American as America gets and APA’s are our own special spin on the IPA. It’s got a good balance between malt and hops (offense and defense) and just the right amount of bitterness (in case things don’t go your way).

NBA games: With 82 regular season games, you’ve got to switch it up or you’re going to get in a rut. Like the ruts that should form in the floor of those courts with all of the running back and forth. Games get intense and those scores can get pretty high. How about some high IBU’s? The bigger the hop taste, the better, right? A double IPA should do nicely. We’re talking about a robust and malty brew with a hop profile that can knock somebody’s socks off. Or, some really, really fancy tennis shoes 

NHL outdoor games: Six games get played outdoors in 2014. That’s a lot of bloody noses in the freezing cold. But, that’s what we expect from our ultra tough hockey players. Since almost all of us will be sitting in the toasty indoors watching those games from afar, it’s only fair to grab a growler of something local. Proudly raise your pint of locally made craft goodness and show those guys on ice skates how it’s done.

You’re now ready to tackle this month’s sports-a-palooza. Get your game plan together and don’t be afraid to make a few substitutions should the need arise. The veterans have got good game, but don’t fear the rookies. Sometimes they bring a little something extra to make things exciting.

Tapped Life would like to remind you that when you’re out enjoying the game and your fine craft beverage, remember to be responsible about your transportation. Now, go win this one for the Gipper.

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