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The Next Craft Beer Debate | Cans vs. Bottles

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In the great marketing wars of the 20th Century there have been many battles. One of the first was Tastes Great vs. Less Filling. Wars were waged over Coke vs. Pepsi and then, Diet vs. Regular. There is the debate between the superiority of Mac and PC. Pizza, cell phones, bottled water and potato chips: each has a perceived nemesis in the marketing world. Each and every brand wants to win our hearts and ultimately, our dollars. The next craft beer debate | cans vs. bottles.

The next craft beer debate | cans vs. bottlesMother Road Mobile Canning Work Shirts by Tapped Life

The craft beer world is at a crossroads of its own. There’s the age old debate: bottle vs. can. It pops up again and again. As consumers we have more choices than ever for craft beer. So, when it’s time to choose, are you a can person or a bottle person? Here are a few other things to consider when contemplating bottles vs cans:


Taste: Some people say they get a metallic taste from cans. Brewers say this is hooey. There’s a lining in the cans that keeps the beer from interacting with the aluminum.

Storage: Cans stack amazingly well (like someone designed them that way) and if they fall over, there isn’t any broken glass.

Transport: Easy: throw them in the cooler with ice and you’re done.

Icing: They cool down quicker than bottles.

BPA: Yes, it’s in your can.


Taste: Delicious, the way beer should be. But, glass does let light through the container, so theoretically it breaks down the flavor of the beer if exposed to too much light.

Storage: Single layer. Anything else usually leads to broken bottles.

Transport: It’s glass, be careful.

Icing: If they’re at room temp, put them in the freezer for half an hour, then transfer to the fridge. DO NOT leave them in the freezer any longer than 30 minutes.

BPA: Not supposed to be in your bottle, but there may be some in the bottle cap.

Tapped Life believes that each brew should be chosen for its merits: what is the occasion for the beer consumption? Is there a serious consideration where a can or a bottle would be preferred? Cans are way more convenient in a lot of ways. Bottles are great for when you want to drink out of glass, but don’t want to pour your beer into a glass. Those are pretty simplified rules. Quite honestly, Tapped Life is pretty simple.

It all comes down to personal preference: what do you like? You’ll end up buying whichever beer you think tastes best for the price you want to pay. Or, whatever the marketing people have brainwashed you to buy.

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