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You've Got a Friends in Beer | Craft Beer Academy

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We all know that beer is your friend. But usually when you talk to your beer about its hop profile, that pesky diacetyl problem in your latest batch of home brew, or the pros and cons of bottle conditioning, it doesn’t talk back. Normally. What if you had a trusted resource that you could access where there was a dedicated guy that would talk to you about beer—the beer you drink, the beer you brew, the beer you cherish. You've got a friends in beer | craft beer academy.

Tapped Life found that guy. His name is Brian, and he runs a website called At Craft Beer Academy, Brian has a lot of information. He’s a home brewer and appreciator of everything craft beer. Brian will admit, he’s not a beer expert, but he is passionate about craft. And the best part, is that in his quest to gain even more knowledge of beer, he interviews the people in the industry—professional brewers, beer book authors, other home brewers and folks in the ‘biz who are in the know. Brian posts those podcasts on his website where you, too, have the ability to go and become a more informed beer lover. 

A recent podcast featured an interview with Shaun O’Sullivan of 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco. Brian talks with Shaun about the growth of 21st Amendment and—as a lot of brewers will confide in you—how in the beginning it wasn’t easy to get that perfect batch of beer. Shaun and his partner, Nico Freccia, were early adopters to canning, although as Shaun tells it, Nico thought Shaun was crazy when he broached the subject of buying a brewery with a canning line.

You can hear the podcast in its entirety, and all of Shaun’s great brewing advice, here.

When you tune in you’ll hear a plug for Craft Brewed Clothing. If you haven’t noticed before, Tapped Life lounges on the CBC website. Don’t worry, we haven’t gone corporate or anything. We’re looking to support other craft-minded businesses like ourselves and maybe get a shameless plug once in a while. We’re giving away a free beer t-shirt each month during Craft Beer Academy’s podcast, and we’re signing folks up to win a 3-month membership to the Craft Brewery T-shirt of the Month Club to be given away soon. 

Head on over to and check out the podcast library. Brian’s doing a lot of good work over there and sharing good information on lots of topics for those of us who thirst for more craft beer knowledge. Who knows, maybe you’ll turn your growing home brew venture into a craft brewery enterprise. Then you can star in your own Craft Beer Academy podcast. And maybe even get a spot with Tapped Life.

It could happen.

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