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Move Over, Santa. We Got This | A Craft Brewed Holiday

Posted by Tapped Life on

Tis the Season, and you’re running out of time to get the most perfect holiday gifts.

Don’t panic. Take a deep breath. Take another sip of beer. Head to the Interwebs.

If you order this week, your gifts will most likely arrive before Christmas. Here are some picks that we think will work for EVERYONE on your list, regardless of their level of craft beer love. Move over, santa. we got this | a craft brewed holiday.

For those who like to SMELL GOOD: Order up some beer soap at Brown Bag Soap Co. They’re crafting soap out of beer and other all-natural ingredients. They say you won’t smell like a beer if you use their soap, but they use beer because is provides beneficial ingredients to their products; like skin-softening amino acids from hops. Hops; what can’t they do?

For those who like to LOOK GOOD: The cool thing about T-shirts is that EVERYONE loves T-shirts. The wittier the better, we like to say at Beer Sofa. So check out all of the cool beer shirts at Craft Brewed Clothing. Buy a single shirt for the beer lover in your life, or if you’re into those gift-of-the-month club things, you can buy a 3, 6 or 12 month membership and get a cool new beer shirt shipped right to the recipient each and every month. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

For those who like to DRINK GOOD: Don’t just buy a six-pack and put a bow on it. Put together some personal, specially-curated six-packs. Go with themes: think of a season sixer full of the best brews that winter can offer. Do a sour pack, a nitro pack, or a dessert beer pack. Maybe a cider pack for the gluten-free friend in your life? The possibilities are endless. And, even if you don’t try that hard, you can put together 5 mixed sixes of IPA and keep one for yourself. Win win.

For those who like to EAT GOOD: Soberdough Brew Bread looks like the easiest, most delicious, beer-infused bread we’ve ever seen. We haven’t tried it, but we just ordered the “Pick 6” Bread Sampler that comes with six different bread mixes, and we cannot wait for them to arrive. These loaves will definitely be baked and consumed before they can become gifts. Sorry friends.

For those who like to SLEEP GOOD: We mentioned earlier that we’re fans of witty, right? Well, we found a “pitcher book for grown ups” called Goodnight Brew. It’s like that book your parents read you as a kid, only this one is WAY better because it’s about saying goodnight to the brewery, not the moon. It’s also WAY better because the author and illustrator are signing the books. That makes you look like a super classy gift giver.

For those who like to GIVE GOOD: Presentation is everything. If you’re going to give good gifts, then you should wrap them up right. The folks over at Paper Plates Press have sweet letter press gift tags that pair perfectly with your alcohol gifts (like those fancy 6-packs you just created for all of your friends, duh). Sweet.

These are Tapped Life’s picks for the best holiday gifts. Now that you have this handy guide, get out there and buy some gifts, you procrastinators!

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