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In Dog Beers I've Only Had One

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Tapped Life Beer Shirts | In Dog Beers Ive Only Had OneAll right, Tapped Life knows that craft beer lovers are dog lovers but even we were surprised when we started doing a little research on the subject. I mean DAMN…do brewers love their dogs. They will pretty much do anything to shower their best friend with craft brewed love (and fame) all in the name of great crafted beer. In dog beers i've only had one.

There are breweries with dog in their names, there are breweries named for dogs, there are breweries owned by dogs, there are dog named beers and beers for dogs, there are dog-friendly breweries and dog-centered beer festivals. Holy Dog Shit, Batman.

Breweries in the Doghouse

Bike Dog Brewing, at 2534 Industrial in West Sacramento, CA was the area’s first brewery. Bike Dog was started by four co-workers (chatting around the water bowl) all with a colliding (and maybe slightly disjointed…maybe not) love of all things bike, beer and of course, dog. At first, the name Bike Dog was temporary as the team considered dog/bike-related names…but eventually, it learned to stay. The taproom is dog and bike friendly, low key and comfortable.

In dog beers i've only had one Laughing Dog Brewing, based in Ponderay, Idaho is owned by a dog…more specifically, it is owned by Fred, Michelle Colby & Ben (their yellow lab). While Fred & Michelle handle the day-to-day operations, Ben (who is being hounded into retirement by his son, Rugar) is responsible for oking new flavors and deciding other pressing business options with a direct yes or no answer (one bark, yes – two barks, no).

Sea Dog Brewing, with multiple locations in Maine, New Hampshire and Florida, is named for its original Apprentice Brewmaster and Figurehead, a Great Pyrenees named Barney. Barney the Sea Dog loved swimming and boating although typically, Great Pyrenees dislike the water. Barney, a great protector, often stood watch over the brew kettle to ensure quality and maintain consistency. Sadly Barney has passed but still graces the company in spirit and on its logo and as a company mascot.

Doggie Beers

Evidently the brewer’s love of their doggy best friends has expressed itself in the way only a creative brewer can…through a carefully considered craft beer. Flat 12 Bierworks (in collaboration with their neighbor, Smoking Goose Smokehouse) has created a beefy brew for man’s best friend. Using trimmings and high-end bones donated by the smokehouse, Flat 12 uses a rich stock evenly blended with wort, adding healthy vitamins and minerals to create a non-alcoholic craft brewed dog beer.

Tapped Life Craft Beer Blog | Dawg Grog Dog Beer

I recently crossed paths with Dawg Grog, a 100% vegetarian (unlike the beefy brew from Flat 12) liquid beer treat for the doggies. Like the Flat 12’s doggie brew, Dawg Grog is also made from brewer’s wort (theirs from Boneyard Brewery) and has added K9 glucosamine (vegetarian) and mineral supplements. It can be served as a drink, a frozen treat or added to dry food.

Please note that hops and alcohol are poisonous to dogs and it is a bad idea to feed your dog human beer.

Barkin’ Beer Festival

This crafty beer festival in Newport, Oregon (usually during the middle of May) is a celebration of Rogue Ales founding dog, Brewer and is the largest Dog-Beer Festival (yep, it’s a thing – my point exactly) in the World. It’s Brewer’s Memorial Ale Fest and it features tons of microbrews, dog inspired entertainment including Dog Olympics, A Fashion Show, a Brewer Look-A-Like contest and of course great musical acts. Watch for the 2016 version at

Tapped Life is sure Man’s Best Trend is going to continue growing and like other trends in the craft brewing industry, we are going to see more doggie craft beer mergers. Thankfully, this is a trend we can walk behind (and clean up after).

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