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Buy Me A Brewery! And Other Crafty Holiday Beer Gifts.

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Buy me a brewery! and other crafty holiday beer gifts

I will bet you a frosty beer that you’re looking for the most creative gift for your favorite craft brew lover this holiday season. Why not buy your dedicated drinker a brewery? If you thought the price tag was going to ruin the surprise, now you really can own a piece of the pint. Buy me a brewery! and other crafty holiday beer gifts.

Bathtub Row Co-Op Membership


Bathtub Row Brewing in Los Alamos, New Mexico is one of only a few co-op breweries currently operating in the country (Black Star Co-Op – Austin, TX, Flying Bike Cooperative – Seattle, WA, Fifth Street Brewpub Co-Op – Dayton, OH, Fair State Brewing Cooperative – Minneapolis, MN), which means that YOU can be part OWNER of this brewery and taproom.

A cooperative brewery (or any business) is one that is owned and directed by the people it serves. So essentially, the plan is to put the inmates in charge of the asylum…and add beer. Count me in.

A Lifetime Membership to Bathtub Row is $250 and authorizes you to be direct owner of the co-op, receive a patronage rebate when profitable, vote for board members and attend board and member meetings as well as discounts on beer, merchandise, education and events.

I honestly can’t think of a better holiday gift for any true craft beer lover looking to be a part of the whole foaming industry.

Unless, of course…you can actually buy an ENTIRE brewery for your beer buddy, then you should check this out.

Local Brewer’s Guild Enthusiast Memberships

Here’s another creative gift for your microbrew maniac. 

Generally speaking, State Brewer’s Guilds have been around for a while supporting the local brewing industry through marketing, legislative efforts and often bulk purchasing agreements. But recently Guilds all over the country have been jumping on a growing trend of support in the craft beer community, Individual Enthusiast Memberships.

Creating a strong brand in any industry is about building a emotional connection with your customers and this industry seems to be doing just that in spades.

In recognition of the involvement and dedication of the community many guilds are including the patrons in their membership. These memberships have a variety of benefits from schwag and discounted events to exclusive VIPS and educational programs.

New Mexico Brewers Guild VIPA Membership makes a great craft beer holiday gift.Check out your local State Guild to see if they offer an Individual Membership. I know they do in Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon and Texas (let us know if missed any). If they don’t, send them an email tell them you want to be included.



Tapped Life – T- Shirt 6-Pack

We here at Tapped Life also know a thing or two about a thing or two (pop culture reference – first reader to comment with the correct movie or actor referenced wins a FREE T-Shirt). Lots of t-shirt companies offer a t-shirt of the month club (and shit, we did it too) BUT we realized that it requires a lot of tracking and effort which in turn effects our drinking time, so we thought a funny craft beer t-shirt six-pack was a better option for everyone involved.

Here’s a great gift idea for your dedicated craft beer drinker – six great beer t-shirts rolled and delivered in a six-pack. Clever right? We thought so…but we’ve been drinking. Cheers!

Brewery Vacation Tours 

And one more idea for an awesome beer lovin’ gift: How about a Craft Beer Vacation Tour in one of the capitals of craft beer, Denver, Colorado? Denver Microbrewery Tours offers some pretty nice packages that include hand selected lodging near local breweries for easy access, tons of discounts, guided behind-the-scenes tours and knowledgeable guides.

They also offer custom brew tours for businesses, families and parties, special trips to Red Rocks for concerts and shows and variety of walking and driving tours.

Let’s be crafty these holidays and think outside the big beer box.

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