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Veteran Beer Company: Beer on a Mission.

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Veteran Beer Company of Chicago, IL, is a pretty impressive example of how much good can be accomplished through a strong and focused mission…especially when that mission is crafted in beer. Veteran beer company: beer on a mission.

Veteran beer company: beer on a missionVeteran beer company: beer on a mission

Paul Jenkins, Captain of Veteran Beer Company, retired from the Navy in 1995 and felt compelled to help battle the jobless rate among his peers. Veteran unemployment and specifically disabled veteran unemployment was a cause close to Jenkin’s heart.

He told CBS Chicago “I’m a disabled Veteran myself. We have a number of disabled Veterans. I think each of views the problem of Veteran and disabled veteran unemployment at a very personal level.”

The company’s mission first and foremost is “dedicated to providing lives of quality for military veterans through the creation of meaningful post-service careers.” To that end, every employee at the company is a veteran and many are combat-wounded or disabled. 

According to the company website, “…our mission of hiring Veterans come before profits. So, every time we sell enough beer, we hire another Veteran with the profits. Period.”

Veteran Beer Company strives, with focus, to include, employ and benefit Veteran at every chance along their chain of command as well as their supply chain. Every job from executive to sales person to truck driver is a Veteran. Most of their suppliers are Veteran-owned businesses and they push their distributing partners to implement a Veteran-first hiring policy. As with most military endeavors, the mission comes first.

While the company is not a charity or non-profit, they have dedicated at least 10% to be given back to strong, local charities and thus far have stayed far in front of that goal.

The company’s two flagship products, The Veteran, a rich amber lager with a 5.0 ABV and Blonde Bomber, a sessionable American blonde ale, have been well received at craft beer festivals and with consumers alike. The Blonde Bomber, specifically, is a great summer BBQ beer…perfect for the 4th of July.

To all Veterans – A sincere THANK YOU for your service. We know the sacrifice is real. To Mr. Jenkins, Good work, sir…very good work.

You can currently purchase Veteran Beer Company products in Illinois, Indiana, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Please support Veteran Beer Company through your purchases, on twitter (@VetsBeer), and on facebook (/veteranbeer).

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