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Tapped Into Some Changes

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Well, many of our dedicated drinkers may have noticed some changes around the ole’ Craft Brewed Clothing / Tapped Life show booth and our website over the past couple months. We are excited to announce some big (big for us, anyway) changes for 2016. Tapped into some changes.

Tapped Life | Craft Beer Lifestyle BrandNew Name & Mission

Craft Brewed Clothing is now Tapped Life, LLC, a niche lifestyle brand that designs and markets fun, smart products and content intended to inspire creativity and promote positivity as our contribution to the craft food and beverage culture.

Utilizing the age-old arts of graphic design and hand-printed apparel, we promote the craft culture of micro-brewed beer, home brewing, craft distilleries, farm-to-table foods and the efforts to re-localize our consumption.

Tapped Life | Craft Beer Lifestyle BrandMore Content 

In pursuit of our new mission, we are committed to providing fresh crafted content supportive of the localized food and beverage culture. You may have noticed that we added a Home Brewing Blog with Chef and Home Brewer, Cessna Herrera and we have increased our regularity of industry posts, reviews, profiles and articles. This trend will continue as we increase our efforts, our content creators and our industry support.

We hope you continue to check the site often as it grows and as we expand the functionality and value of the resources available at We appreciate your support.

Tapped Life | Craft Beer Lifestyle BrandNew Products

Ultimately, it is our product line that supports our travels and funds our expanded efforts to spread the craft brewed word. The kinda-soberish design team at Tapped Life will be launching several new designs over the next couple months. We will, of course, handprint these new designs on t-shirts (both mens and womens) and additional apparel items as demand increases.

We have recently expanded our line of beer-focused Dickies brand Work Shirts to better serve the professional and home brewer market and this has been a great success. In order to continue to grow our product offerings we will also be expanding our line of hats and adding zipper hoodies to display our designs.   

Please make sure you are included in our mailing list to get the first word on new designs and products as they are launched.

Tapped Life | Craft Beer Lifestyle BrandMore Festivals

In order to better inspire and promote, Tapped Life is doubling the number of craft beer and food festivals we attend in 2016 and expanding our reach throughout the country. We will be on the West Coast, the East Coast and most everywhere in between.

Tapped Life will set up our pop-up apparel shop at Brewer’s Guild events, BBQ and Beer Shows, Local Food and Gift Festivals and damn near anywhere we can fill the need for a beer shirt. We have also teamed up with America On Tap and will be at many of their shows on the East Coast and across the country.

You can follow our merry band of dedicated drinkers as we stumble across the country selling beer shirts and sampling the country’s best-crafted beers, foods and spirits. Check out our event schedule here and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter.

The team at Tapped Life is pretty excited to spread the craftiness in 2016 and planning on trying a lot of free samples. Our favorite types (not necessarily in order of importance – but kinda) are…beer, meat (especially BBQ), booze, coffee, candies and of course, glassware.

We’ll see ya on the Beer Trail.

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