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Makin' Bacon

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3 Bacon-based Businesses to Watch

It’s no surprise at this point that bacon all but completely dominates the restaurant world. Whether you find yourself in a fast casual restaurant or one of the finest dining rooms in the country, bacon is on the menu, and it’s not going anywhere. Chefs aren’t the only ones who are taking advantage of the public’s unrelenting love of bacon, either. There are businesses popping up all around the country that are utilizing bacon as a platform for success, and it’s working just as well as expected. 

Think bacon has reached its peak? Think again. Here are three bacon-based businesses to keep an eye on, all of which are likely to make big waves this year.

Tender Belly

Tender Belly is Makin Bacon in Denver, CO

There are some companies in the food world that simply ooze cool while also focusing on creating products of the highest possible quality—Denver, CO-based Tender Belly is one such company. Just head to their website, and you’ll be greeted by an overwhelmingly intoxicating image of bacon sizzling away in a pan. Dig further, and it quickly becomes clear that there’s more to Tender Belly than just bacon. The company specializes in pork products of all kinds, including incredible homemade sausages.

Those who really want to get a sense for the company’s offerings can go with one of many different versions of the “YETI,” essentially a branded cooler packed to the brim with Tender Belly products. The top-line item is the “GLUTTONY YETI,” containing Wagyu beef and 27 lbs of pork. We can’t think of a better way to spend over $2,600 on meat.

Flying Pigs Farm

One of the most important things that today’s farmers can do is help to preserve rare breed animals, and pigs are no exception. Rare breed pork is the name of the game for Shushan, NY’s Flying Pigs Farm, championed by owners Jen Small and Mike Yezzi. Their 200 acre farm is home to a number of breeds that have fallen out of the spotlight to a large extent, including Large Blacks, Gloucestershire Old Spots and Tamworths. They’re making a big name for themselves in NYC, and with an endless supply of cuts available, there’s no shortage of options to choose from. Looking for something different? Try their jerk bratwurst.

Flying Pigs Farm is Makin Bacon in Shushan, NY


It may be true that there is no small-scale bacon producer that can match Benton’s in terms of reputation and hype factor. Started in 1947 by Allan Benton, the Tennessee producer is known primarily for his high-quality hams, but the bacon sold by Benton’s also happens to be more than worth a purchase. Everything is sold online, and 4-lb packages of this all-star bacon can be had for only $30. When it comes to the intersection between value and quality, Benton’s sits at the very top of the heap.

Benton's is Makin Great Bacon

It may have seemed short-lived at first, but the bacon trend continues to go strong, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Taste just about any products from one of the above companies, and you’ll quickly understand why.


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