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Standing Stout | Celebrating Stouts in February

Posted by Cessna Herrera on

February is a great month. There is Groundhog Day for summer lovers, followed by the Super bowl, and don’t forget the infamous Valentine's Day. I think the best thing about February, is the romance I feel with stout month. An entire month dedicated to one of the most beautiful beer styles. Standing stout | celebrating stouts in february.

Tapped Life Celebrates Stout Month

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Beer for Your Solstice | Summer Beers NOT Light Beers.

Posted by Tapped Life on

It’s hot outside. Okay, it’s not August yet, but it’s definitely heating up out there. Thankfully there’s beer. It’s almost like cool, refreshing beer was made specifically to battle the hot summer climes. (It was actually made because it was safer than drinking plain water AND it made one feel funny—in a good way.) Beer for your solstice | summer beers not light beers. Time to put away the stouts and dark beers of winter and jump right in to the lighter beers of summer. We don’t mean LIGHT beer, of course. That would be uncivilized. Tapped Life is a fan...

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