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Tapped Life | Craft Beer Lifestyle Blog — East coast tour de brufest

East Coast Tour de Brufest

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Tapped Life | Beer, Bourbon & BBQ, Baltimore, MD

We started our East Coast adventure with a crazy dash across the country from the Boulder City Beer Fest in Nevada (just outside of Las Vegas) over the Vail Pass (it’s never easy – rock slides, snow storms, insane winds), we made a quick stop to reload on beer shirts at our Tapped Life home base in Denver and kept haulin’. We (and little dog, Ida) needed to be in Baltimore in two days to set up shop at the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ at the Timonium Fairgrounds. We stopped just outside St. Louis, grabbed some tasty ribs and mac & cheese at Pappy’s for a late dinner and crashed for the night. Another 14 hours to go. East coast tour de brufes

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