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There are No Strong Beers; Only Weak Men

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There are No Strong Beers Only Weak Men | Tapped Life's Intro to Strong Beers

An Introduction to 3 Strong Craft Beers

Trends regularly work their way through the craft beer industry—anyone who has paid attention for long enough can easily see this with their own two eyes. In recent years, low-alcohol “session” beers have made waves, carried by the fact that most people can drink multiple cans or bottles without getting to drunk for their own good. On the exact opposite end of the spectrum, you’ll find strong beers so high in alcohol that you can taste the heat with every sip. Barleywines, Old Ales and Imperial beers all fit the bill, but there are some offerings that go far and beyond the typical alcohol wall of 11-13% ABV. 

Think you’re up to the challenge? Here are three of the strongest craft beers made in America, all of which are dangerously easy to drink.

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