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Makin’ Bacon MENS T-Shirt

Tapped Life | Craft Brewed Clothing

  • $ 20.00

I am pretty sure this is NOT actually the way bacon is made but I haven’t ever made bacon (well, I have COOKED bacon but not MADE bacon – if you need further info on the distinction, please use the contact form) so I am kinda guessing. That said, its a funny t-shirt of pigs doin’ it. 

Update: OK...according to a guy I met at a beer festival who works at Hormel - this IS actually how they start makin' bacon. Yup. You're welcome.

Craft Brewed Clothing - Makin’ Bacon Mens Bacon T-shirt. Designed and printed in the USA on a Gildan 50/50 Dryblend*. 

Tapped Life | Makin' Bacon Mens T-Shirt Size Chart

*brands, styles and colors may occasionally vary due to availability.

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