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Home Brew Expert - Cessna Herrera

Tapped Life's Home Brewer & Chef, Cessna HerreraCessna Herrera has always had a passion for great food and great craft beer. She followed her calling by becoming a chef at the Art Institute of Colorado. Like everybody else, college opened her mind to the world of beer.  Cessna went from teaching herself how to brew in her small apartment kitchen, to becoming president of the AIC Beer Club. Through the years she has combined both passions by creating her own beer recipes and creating masterpieces in the kitchen with beer.  She won first place in her first homebrew competition with a Kentucky Common she named "Not Yer Cousin", and began working at a homebrew store shortly after.  It was there where she learned about the limitless malts, hops and gadgets that every homebrewer dreams about.  When she is not cooking up
storm in her kitchen or drinking beer, Cessna enjoys dreaming about traveling, and expanding her knowledge as a cigar aficionado

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