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Beer t-shirt six pack by Craft Brewed Clothing

Tapped Life's Beer T-Shirt Six Pack

Tapped Life | Craft Brewed Clothing

  • $ 100.00

The Tapped Life Beer Shirt Six-Pack is a great gift for the home brewer, designated drinker, craft beer snob or just regular ole' drunk in your life.

Well, this started as a beer-shirt-of-the-month-club but the truth is we drink a bit too much and honestly, its just gonna be easier for all of us if we just send you all 6 at once. So would you like 6 random (yep, we choose 'em) funny beer shirts sent...honestly, thats really the only question. Oh yeah...two more questions...Mens or Womens and What Size? Tapped Life's Beer t-shirt six pack.