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Bloody Maria Bar Mixer 3-Jar Party Pack

Bloody Maria Bar Mixer 3-Jar Party Pack

Bloody Maria Bar Mix

  • $ 45.00

3 - 32oz. Jars of Bloody Maria and a Canvas Tote. Its the perfect addition to any party. The Bloody Maria Party Pack will make 24-36 bloody beverage servings (depending on drink size). 

Mix Bloody Maria with Vodka for a Bloody Mary, with Tequila for a Bloody Maria or with a light lager beer for a Bloody Beer ( a Michelada). It is of course also a complete non-alcoholic beverage or versatile cooking ingredient.

Many of the ingredients used in the Bloody Maria Bar Mixer are farmed in Southern New Mexico and Southern Arizona, all responsibly sourced to compliment the flavor of Hatch Green Chile. Green Chile is a regional favorite, a simple kick with a lasting impression.

The mix is intentionally simple in taste to allow the consumer to decide what to add to taste, how to mix it. Bloody Maria is a healthy blend of tomato, celery, carrot with no preservatives, the mix is both Gluten-Free and Kosher.